What I Hope to Learn in CS3216

What I Hope to Learn in CS3216

This is my first blog for CS3216, which is my first level 3000 CS module. I know it will be a hard semester for me to survive from it, but I still want to say that I feel fortunate for being admitted to this course. 🙂

What do I hope to learn in CS3216? I want to learn how to use existing tools to create something incredible.

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In this course, we are need to not only build a software but also market it, which requires us to build an indeed useful and mature software What kind of app is indeed demanded and useful? How can I make the features in my imaginary come true? I believe these are what I am eager to learn.

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I do want to create something cool and I know I will at least create something (either cool or horrible) in the end. However, what I hope to obtain through this course is not just one app but the ability to create more apps and more awesome apps. Hence, what I want to learn is more about skills. When I was doing Orbital one year ago, I self-studied for three months, but I was not satisfied with the product, because the amount of what I learned was too little to develop whatever feature I designed. Hence, I want to learn how to learn.

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I do not have much experience of working in a team before. When I was taking CS2103 last semester, I deeply realized the importance of teamwork and found my weakness in this aspect. How could we work in the most efficient way during the process of developing? To be honest, I do not know the best answer yet. So I want to learn more about project management and how to work in a multi-disciplinary team.

There is one sentence on the course website which impressed me: You goal is not to do a lot of work but to make a difference. I hope I will get a strong sense of achievement at the end of this course and proudly introduce my app to my friends.